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The ISIS team organized and hosted a symposium February 20, 2018 to discuss the impact of public policies on social inequalities in smoking. The keynote speaker was Dr. Katherine Smith, professor of social policy at the University of Edinburgh, whose presentation started the symposium.  The ISIS team then presented ISIS findings related to the symposium theme. The symposium concluded with a panel of experts.

The keynote presentation by Dr. Katherine Smith can be viewed here.

A presentation of ISIS projects by ISIS principal investigator Dr. Katherine Frohlich can be viewed here.

Anaïs Dubreuil and Thierry Gagné’s presentation of ISIS findings related to the life course approach can be viewed here.

Adrian Ghenadenik, Martine Shareck, and Julie Vallée’s presentation of ISIS findings in relation geographical space can be viewed here.

Geneviève McCready and Nicole Glenn’s presentation of ISIS findings related to experiences of social inequalities in smoking can be viewed here.

The expert panel discussion, which includes Flory Doucas (Coalition québécoise pour le contrôle du tabac), Rebecca Haines-Saah (University of Calgary), Annie Montreuil (Institut nationale de santé publique du Québec), and Sébastien Beaudet (Carrefour familial Hochelaga), can be viewed here.


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